Your Supernatural Squad

MaryAnn DiMarco is a psychic-medium who has been able to see the other side since she was child. She’s the author of a new book called Believe, Ask, Act where she explains how to tap into your "celestial team” to get advice. Jill asks her how we can all develop our intuition and open up to divine advice. Then Jill joins Ann Ogden in her kitchen in New York. Ann is a former cancer patient who founded a charity called Cook For Your Life, where she teaches cancer patients how to cook nourishing food. On this episode she shares a simple recipe for grilled leek and marinated shrimp salad.

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Tips For Toddlers & Kale And Apple Salad!

Jill asks Integrative Pediatrician, Dr. David Miller, for his advice about feeding babies and toddlers Dr Miller explains how to know when a baby is ready to eat solid food and which foods to introduce them to first. He also talks about preventing food allergies in infants, whether children should be given a probiotic and how to handle picky eaters. Then Jill spends time in the kitchen with Ann Ogden who is the founder of Cook For You Life, a charity that teaches cancer patients how to cook and nourish themselves. Ann shares her recipe for kale and apple salad with a mustard and yogurt dressing.

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