Giving With Purpose & A Pickled Pod

Jill asks charitable consult Laurie Styron how to avoid charity scams and give to organizations that really are making a difference. Then Jill joins caterer Marcey Brownstein in the kitchen, Marcey prides herself on using vegetables from “root to shoot” and she shows Jill how to pickle something many people throw away. Marcey shares a recipe for a simple veggie pod and seed pickle, that can be used to accompany meats, in sandwiches or scattered on a salad. Finally Jill talks to Chinese medicine practitioner Katy Hogan about how acupuncture can enhance fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Keep it Sexy!

Jill talks to the UK’s leading integrative fertility expert, Jani White about her innovative approach to “keeping it sexy” whilst trying to conceive. Jani is the author of a new book, The Fertile Fizz, which she describes as a ‘sexy biology lesson”/ The book combines fertility advice with erotic images and steamy poetry, designed to get the juices flowing. Jani offers frank advice and warm wisdom about the unspoken side of procreation - from guilt and isolation to frustration and menstruation - and in The Fertile Fizz she shows couples how to take the tension out of trying to conceive. medicine.

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