What Is Our Gut Telling Us?

Farmer Betsy Helmrath talks about the benefits and hardships of bringing up children on a farm. Then Jill joins her husband Noah in the kitchen to cook a vegetarian lunch. And Dr Emeran Mayer is the author of a new book about the mind-gut connection. Jill asks Dr Mayer to explain how our digestive system affects our mood.

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Tips For Toddlers & Kale And Apple Salad!

Jill asks Integrative Pediatrician, Dr. David Miller, for his advice about feeding babies and toddlers Dr Miller explains how to know when a baby is ready to eat solid food and which foods to introduce them to first. He also talks about preventing food allergies in infants, whether children should be given a probiotic and how to handle picky eaters. Then Jill spends time in the kitchen with Ann Ogden who is the founder of Cook For You Life, a charity that teaches cancer patients how to cook and nourish themselves. Ann shares her recipe for kale and apple salad with a mustard and yogurt dressing.

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