It’s Never Too Late To Heal Yourself

For the last episode of 2016 Jill visits popular psychotherapist and author Karol Ward about how we can heal ourselves. Karol has been on the show many times before and her advice has always proven to be invaluable. On this week’s show Jill and Karol discuss what constitutes “healing” and where we tend to fall short in our self-healing processes. Then Jill is joined by chef Celine Beitchman. Celine is an infectiously enthusiastic instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City where they offer classes on how we can change our cooking to embrace food sustainability and self healing. Jill and Celine discuss the courses that are on offer at the institute as well as the small ways in which we can change our diet to improve our food lifestyle. Lastly Jill sits down with Claudia Citkovitz who completed a PhD in how acupuncture can aid stroke therapy. Claudia’s study reveals some interesting results and discusses them with Jill on this week’s show.

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Giving With Purpose & A Pickled Pod

Jill asks charitable consult Laurie Styron how to avoid charity scams and give to organizations that really are making a difference. Then Jill joins caterer Marcey Brownstein in the kitchen, Marcey prides herself on using vegetables from “root to shoot” and she shows Jill how to pickle something many people throw away. Marcey shares a recipe for a simple veggie pod and seed pickle, that can be used to accompany meats, in sandwiches or scattered on a salad. Finally Jill talks to Chinese medicine practitioner Katy Hogan about how acupuncture can enhance fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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A 100 Year Old Chicken Stock & An All Natural Facelift

Little Seed Gardens is an organic farm that practices Community Supported Agriculture. This is a system where customers pay in advance for a share of a farm’s crops and then receive a box of fresh produce each week. Jill chats with mother and daughter team Claudia Kenny and Mae Denner-Kenny about life on the farm. The we join Jill on the phone with her brother Pete Blakeway. Pete lives in New Zealand where he is a chef, TV host and cookbook author. He shares his tips and explains to Jill what chefs cook for their families when they’re at home. And finally Jill talks to facial rejuvenation expert, Virginia Doran. Jill asks Virginia to explain how acupuncture can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and help tone facial muscles.

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