Hardcover: 384 pages

Little, Brown and Company; 1 edition (Aug 12, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0316024503

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Fertility medicine today is all about aggressive surgical, chemical, and technological intervention, but Jill (and co-author Sami David, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist) offer a better way in Making Babies, drawing on the best of both Eastern and Western medicine.

By identifying your “fertility type,” inspired by the classical patterns of Chinese Medicine, you can focus in on the strategies most helpful in your particular situation, and avoid the things that may be causing you problems. Those strategies include: choosing fertility-promoting foods; properly predicting the best time to conceive (hint: the answer is not 14 days after your last period began); accurately pinpointing the cause of your fertility problems; making specific and sometimes surprising lifestyle choices, like exercising less; taking cough medicine; decreasing doses of fertility drugs; and getting acupuncture along with IVF. The book concludes with an easy three-month program designed to get your body in optimal shape to conceive.

Think of it as “fertility book camp,” only without the scary drill sergeant. Some people will need additional support from a health care professional, whether conventional or complementary or both, but will greatly increase their odds of success by following the Making Babies plan. For many women, however, these simple steps will be all they need to conceive.

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