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Jill talks to the UK’s leading integrative fertility expert, Jani White about her innovative approach to “keeping it sexy” whilst trying to conceive. Jani is the author of a new book, The Fertile Fizz, which she describes as a ‘sexy biology lesson” The book combines fertility advice with erotic images and steamy poetry, designed to get the juices flowing. Jani offers frank advice and warm wisdom about the unspoken side of procreation – from guilt and isolation to frustration and menstruation – and in The Fertile Fizz she shows couples how to take the tension out of trying to conceive.

To celebrate our 30th show Jill decided to go back to her roots and dedicate the entire episode to the subject of fertility. As many of you know Jill is the founder of The YinOva Center in New York where she leads a very talented team of Chinese medicine practitioners, as well as massage therapists, a naturopath and a nutritionist. The YinOva Center treats everyone from elderly folks with arthritis to young babies with colic but Jill has always specialized in enhancing fertility and has even written a book about it. Jill co-wrote the book with Dr. David and in it the pair combine their knowledge to identify five different fertility types. They apply to men as well as women and each type follows a slightly different program in order to conceive.


bowl-20Following the success of Making Babies, Jill followed a natural progression and turned her attention to sex as she wrote her follow-up book Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido which came out in 2013. Jill decided to write Sex Again because her patients would often complain that their sex lives seemed to get increasingly boring. Jill primarily focused her research on ancient Daoist texts to see what Chinese medicine had to offer on the subject. As it happens the ancient Daoists knew a lot, not just about sex, but about the energetic and spiritual connection that’s part of being sexual. Jill developed a program of sexercises to help couples reconnect and recharge their libidos.
fertile fizz
heart-20 On this week’s show Jill talks to somebody who is well versed in the realm of sex and fertility. Jani White is based in London and runs a Chinese medicine practice called Acu House. Her focus is fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics. Jani has written a book that looks at enhancing fertility in conjunction with boosting one’s libido. It’s called The Fertile Fizz and is like nothing else that you would have read on the subject. The book combines factual information on how to get pregnant with love poetry and beautiful erotic art. It’s part sex manual, part romance rekindler and part fertility guide. If you’re thinking of making a baby, the fertile fizz can be very inspiring!


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Jill Blakeway is the founder of the YinOva Center in New York City and a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. Jill is the author of two books on women’s health and the host of CBS Radio’s Grow.Cook.Heal.

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