About GCH

…. growing a healing garden and cooking food that makes you feel great.


GCH is a weekly CBS radio show and podcast where we talk about how to grow your own food. Cook and nourish the people you love. And heal yourself as naturally as possible.

Every week on the GCH Show I talk to growers about where our food comes from, cooks about their favorite healthy recipes and healers (both conventional and alternative), about living vibrantly and living well. We’re talking about prioritizing health, family and friends. Loving more, living full-on, engaging passionately and being positive. We’re exploring the healing power of herbs and the way that our food can also be our medicine. GCH comes to you with love, from our home to yours. I hope you join the conversation…

GCH isn’t about perfection. Far from it! It’s about the little changes we can all make to be healthier and happier.

My husband Noah and I are a team both at home and at work, where we run the YinOva Center in New York City. YinOva is one of the biggest Chinese medicine practices in the US, but GCH is a much smaller endeavor that grew out of the conversations we were having with our colleagues, patients, friends and family about how to be healthy, happy and well nourished.

“Grow some of your own food. Cook and nourish the people you love. Heal yourself using plants as medicine”

What started as a personal journey to find balance in our own lives became a list of guidelines. Not a diet and definitely not a set of rules….


We believe in growing some of your food yourself (even if it’s only a basil plant on your window sill) and putting love and care into the food you eat.

We believe in using herbs as medicine and taking advantage of the healing power of nature.

We’re not vegetarian, but we do think it’s healthy to make plants the main event at every meal and when it comes to meat (and fish and poultry for that matter) we care about how the animals we eat were raised. Living beings aren’t meant to eat a diet of antibiotics, hormones and industrial food pellets. We’re happy to eat smaller portions of humanely-raised meat, fish and poultry that has lived as nature intended.

We believe in clean food, free of toxic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients and to that end we avoid processed foods where possible. Like most people we find it’s not always practical or affordable to eat 100% organic food, but we try to be smart about what needs to be organic. We find that the cheapest way of getting the organic produce we need is to grow our own.

shutterstock_127855463In our house we minimize the amount of grains we eat, limiting ourselves to small amounts of whole grains and we don’t eat gluten. Why is that? Well we’re finding that more and more people are having inflammatory reactions to gluten, ourselves included. This may be related to the way modern wheat is grown and we’ve definitely noticed that older less hybridized versions of wheat (such as spelt) work better for some of our patients. Likewise our patients seem to fare better and suffer from less inflammatory disorders if they avoid cow’s milk, although we find sheep and goat’s milk less problematic.

We like to use natural sweeteners, where possible, and avoid processed sugar.

GrowCookHeal-JillBlakeway-139987744Fat isn’t the enemy as far as we’re concerned, although we’re not fans of the wrong types of fat. Noah and I are all about using healthy fats because we think they’re great for your skin and good for your heart, so you’ll find us using liberal amounts of avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, fatty fish and nuts and seeds.

Join me each week on GCH as I ask experts for their advice about how to live a whole life.