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Giving With Purpose & A Pickled Pod

Jill asks charitable consult Laurie Styron how to avoid charity scams and give to organizations that really are making a difference. Then Jill joins caterer Marcey Brownstein in the kitchen, Marcey prides herself on using vegetables from “root to shoot” and she shows Jill how to pickle something many people throw away. Marcey shares a recipe for a simple veggie pod and seed pickle, that can be used to accompany meats, in sandwiches or scattered on a salad. Finally Jill talks to Chinese medicine practitioner Katy Hogan about how acupuncture can enhance fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Try Taking the Cheese Out of Your Cheese Plate

What is grass fed beef and why is it good for you? Willy Denner raises a rare breed of heritage cattle at his farm Little Seed Gardens and explains why it’s important to preserve diversity when it comes to livestock. Matt Rebackoff is a cheese buyer for one of the oldest cheese stores in New York. Jill asks him how to put together the perfect cheese plate and learns a lot she didn’t know about cheese. And weight loss expert Margaret Marshall talks about her new book Healthy Living Means Living Healthy. Margaret shares her tips for overcoming health challenges, such as how to handle a “food pusher” and what to do about a “menopausal middle”.

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The Manhattan Medium

Often referred to as The Manhattan Medium, Thomas John has a long waiting list and a large celebrity following. His gift for prediction prompted the Hollywood Reporter to describe him as “the Hollywood Psychic with the highest batting average”. Jill asks Thomas how he receives information and he shares stories from his work, including the time a spirit accosted him in a pharmacy with an important message. Thomas explains that our loved ones "continue over there and they have a stake in our world”, which is why they try to communicate. Jill asks Thomas how we can tap into our own intuition and how to get the best out of a psychic reading.

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A 100 Year Old Chicken Stock & An All Natural Facelift

Little Seed Gardens is an organic farm that practices Community Supported Agriculture. This is a system where customers pay in advance for a share of a farm’s crops and then receive a box of fresh produce each week. Jill chats with mother and daughter team Claudia Kenny and Mae Denner-Kenny about life on the farm. The we join Jill on the phone with her brother Pete Blakeway. Pete lives in New Zealand where he is a chef, TV host and cookbook author. He shares his tips and explains to Jill what chefs cook for their families when they’re at home. And finally Jill talks to facial rejuvenation expert, Virginia Doran. Jill asks Virginia to explain how acupuncture can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and help tone facial muscles.

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Keeping your Finger on the Pulse

Our Daily Bread is a traditional village bakery in upstate New York that took the decision to change with the times and make gluten-free bread. Jill meets father and son team Zvi and Gavriel Cohen and finds out why they made this decision and how good gluten-free bread is made. Then we join Jill in the kitchen with Ann Ogden from the charity Cook For Your Life. Ann has made it her mission to teach cancer patients how to cook nourishing food and on this week’s episode she shares her recipe for a zucchini, corn and tomato sauté. Finally Jill pays a visit to one of her Chinese medicine teachers Z’ev Rosenberg to talk about Chinese pulse diagnosis.

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We’re Tired of Lyme Misdiagnosis

Jill visits the farm store at Little Ghent Farm to talk to Mimi Beaven about her new book on preserving and jam making. Mimi’s also know for making excellent sourdough bread and she talks to Jill about cooking and baking on a farm. Then we join Jill in the kitchen with self-nourishment coach Jeanette Bronee who is making watermelon, beet and berry popsicles and finally Jill talks to Helen McCormack whose company is developing a new test for Lyme disease.

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