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How To Make Food Look Good

Have you ever thought about how the happiness of a cow could affect the taste of its produce? Jill is revisited by the popular Matt Rebackoff of Murray’s Cheese Shop in New York to talk about the regulation of animal welfare in the cheese-making world and what that means for the cheese that we buy in the supermarket every week. Then Jill heads to uptown Manhattan to cook with food stylist Marilinda Hodgdon. Marilinda has been styling food for over thirty years and has travelled the world to do so. She cooks a dish of cod and asparagus and gives her top tips on food styling for all the budding Instafoodies out there. Finally Jill sits down with psychotherapist Karol Ward. Jill and Karol discuss the things that couples tend to do that damage their relationship and what can be done to avoid them.

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There’s No Such Thing As Leftover Food

Did you know that Jet Blue have an urban farm at Terminal 5 at JFK Airport in New York? It’s one of the things Jill found out from her first guest on this week’s episode of GCH. Diane Hatz founded a not-for-profit called Change Food to promote sustainable and humane food production. Jill and Diane talk about advances in food technology, the urban gardening movement and how to combat food wastage. All of that and more will be covered at the upcoming Change Food Fest in New York and Diane gives us a preview of the event. Then we join Jill in the kitchen with Marcey Brownstein who is making her version of kale chips, with spicy, Asian flavors. Finally Jill chats with Dr Laura Kelly about her new book on reversing bones loss through diet. Laura first researched osteoporosis to help her own mother and then decided to share her program with the world. Laura explains to Jill why certain countries have lower levels of osteoporosis and the foods we should eat to support our bones.

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Is Golden Milk The New Almond Milk?

Jill visits the Hudson-Chatham Winery to talk to Carlo DeVito about his journey from wine critic to winemaker. Jill and Carlo discuss how wine is made and some of the unexpected pitfalls of running a vineyard. Then Jill is in the kitchen with Chinese medicine practitioner Heidi Lovie who shares her recipe for Golden Milk, a drink that strongly relieves pain and inflammation. Finally Jill chats with Lauren Dulberg, one of her colleagues at the YinOva Center. Lauren gave birth to two very large babies naturally (one was 11 lbs!) and on this episode she shares how Chinese Medicine can make labor and delivery easier.

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Your Supernatural Squad

MaryAnn DiMarco is a psychic-medium who has been able to see the other side since she was child. She’s the author of a new book called Believe, Ask, Act where she explains how to tap into your "celestial team” to get advice. Jill asks her how we can all develop our intuition and open up to divine advice. Then Jill joins Ann Ogden in her kitchen in New York. Ann is a former cancer patient who founded a charity called Cook For Your Life, where she teaches cancer patients how to cook nourishing food. On this episode she shares a simple recipe for grilled leek and marinated shrimp salad.

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Hipster Porridge & Ways To Look After Your Liver

Meet Jenn Schober a city girl, turned farmer, who tells Jill why it’s good to know who grows your food. Jenn has founded a weekly market in Chatham, NY and Jill asks her what it took to gather people together and how a farmer’s market can benefit both growers and consumers. Then Jill visits Self-Nourishment Coach, Jeanette Bronee, to cook Rye Bread Porridge, a traditional breakfast from her native Denmark. Jeanette’s version of this newly fashionable dish has a surprising ingredient, a splash of dark beer. And finally, do you have a fatty liver? Many people suffer from this disorder, without knowing it. Jill talks to Chinese medicine practitioner and author, Dr Misha Cohen, about how to keep your liver healthy and how to heal liver damage.

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