Episode 28 – A healthy alternative to potato chips, a tasty veggie sandwich and an expert talks about enhancing fertility in older women.

A healthy alternative to potato chips, a tasty veggie sandwich and an expert talks about enhancing fertility in older women.

Jill chats with Linda Kim who started a small business, called Pulse Roasted Chickpeas, making healthy chick pea snacks. Jill and Linda talk about how she got her business off the ground and why roasted chickpeas are a good for you. Then we join Jill in the kitchen with her husband Noah who is making his favorite portobello mushroom and hummus sandwich. Then Jill sits down with Dr Lorne Brown from Acubalance in Vancouver. Dr Brown is an integrative fertility expert and Jill asks him how older women can enhance their fertility.

On the Grow section of this week’s show Jill talks to Linda Kim, a straight out of college entrepreneur who started a food business called Pulse Roasted Chickpeas that produces healthy chickpea snacks. Like a lot of us, when Linda left college she didn’t quite know what she was going to do. After a friend introduced her to roasted chickpea snacks Linda had the ingenious idea of mass-producing them in a variety of different flavors. It turns out that Linda had her idea at exactly the right time. People were looking for snacks that were gluten and sugar free and roasted chickpeas fit the bill. They’re high in fiber, very nutritious and very low in fat as they’re roasted and not fried. They’re a great substitute for potato chips if youre craving something salty and crunchy and you can also scatter them on salads. After starting the YinOva center Jill always seeks to promote other self-starters and is fascinated by the devotion that people dedicate to their businesses as they attempt to get the off the ground. Back on episode 10 Jill chatted with Jojo Collins who started a business making her own version of a healthy sugar-free sriracha. And on episode 15 Jill talked to Heidi Lovey who’s a practitioner of Chinese medicine who prescribed so much bone broth to her patients that she started to start a business making it. In Linda’s case, she managed to get Wholefoods to stock her chickpea snacks and in the show she tells Jill how she did that.


bowl-20For our Cook segment Jill is again joined by her husband Noah. In keeping with this week’s chickpea focus Noah makes his famous signature sandwich, which also has chickpeas in it in the form of hummus. It’s a veggie sandwich and it’s the perfect combination of hot and cold ingredients as well as soft and crunchy textures. It’s also extremely good for you.
heart-20 Finally, Jill sits down with Dr. Lorne Brown who’s a practitioner of Chinese medicine based in Vancouver. He’s an integrative fertility expert and he runs a wonderful practice called Acubalance. Lorne also organizes an annual conference called the Integrative Fertility Symposium Jill is an expert at enhancing fertility at the YinOva center in New York. She has also written a book on the subject and was invited to give the keynote at this year’s symposium. Jill talks to Lorne about something that is particularly concerning to older women who are trying to have a baby. Often they’re told their fertility is diminished because their eggs have deteriorated. Jill asks Lorne what he thinks can be done to help them.

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Jill Blakeway is the founder of the YinOva Center in New York City and a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. Jill is the author of two books on women’s health and the host of CBS Radio’s Grow.Cook.Heal.

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