How To Heal Yourself

Are your emotions making you sick?

Jill asks psychologist and life coach Vanessa Scotto how our emotions affect our health. Vanessa explains how we can free ourselves from the pain that we store in our bodies so we can move forward.


bowl-20All of Episode 45 is devoted to our friend Vanessa Scotto. Back by popular demand, Vanessa appeared back on Episode 25 (you can find that in the archive) where she talked about connection – connection to ourselves, connection to other people and connection to spirit. Excitingly, many of you wrote in to say how much you enjoyed the segment so we were lucky enough to get Vanessa back on the show!
heart-20 As professions go, Vanessa has a very unique set of skills. She’s a psychologist with a special focus on spirituality, and a practitioner of Chinese medicine, which gives her a really interesting perspective on the mind-body-spirit connection. This week, Vanessa tells us all about the mind-body connection and how our emotions become stored in our body and can unconsciously make us sick.

Jill asks Vanessa about what we can do to heal ourselves in areas of energetic stagnation, especially if we’re not conscious of them. They also cover important topics like authenticity and about the things that give our life meaning. Vanessa’s perspective is always interesting and always valuable.


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  1. Danielle October 13, 2016 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    Thank you for holding space for this conversation ladies! Divine timing.

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