A 100 Year Old Chicken Stock & An All Natural Facelift

Do acupuncture face-lifts work? What does a chef cook at home? What is community supported agriculture?

Little Seed Gardens is an organic farm that practices Community Supported Agriculture. This is a system where customers pay in advance for a share of a farm’s crops and then receive a box of fresh produce each week. Jill chats with mother and daughter team Claudia Kenny and Mae Denner-Kenny about life on the farm. The we join Jill on the phone with her brother Pete Blakeway. Pete lives in New Zealand where he is a chef, TV host and cookbook author. He shares his tips and explains to Jill what chefs cook for their families when they’re at home. And finally Jill talks to facial rejuvenation expert, Virginia Doran. Jill asks Virginia to explain how acupuncture can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and help tone facial muscles.



Just down the road from Jill is a lovely family-run farm, Little Seed Gardens, that practices Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). So, what exactly is CSA? Who better to tell us than mother and daughter duo Claudia Kenny and May Denna Kenny of Little Seed Gardens? CSA is a way for people to buy popular seasonal food directly from the farmer. At the beginning of the season each member buys a share in that season’s crop. The farmer then uses that money up front to buy seeds and set up the crops and then – voila! – the customer receives a box of fresh local fruits and veggies every week. Jill also talks to Claudia and May about what’s in season and how they deliver fresh vegetables week after week.




After visiting the family run farm down the road, it seems fitting that she checks in with her own family! Pete Blakeway, Jill’s brother, lives all the way in New Zealand. He is a chef, a TV host, and the author of a cookbook! Needless to say, he has a lot on his plate! Despite his hectic schedule they managed to find some time to hop on the phone where she gained some insight into what chefs cook when they’re at home. Pete gives us his recipe for the chicken that he cooks every week for his family.



Jill sits down with Virginia Doran, a renowned expert in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. This is sometimes known as an acupuncture facelift. A term that can make people feel skeptical. Does it work? Can acupuncture reduce my wrinkles? Will it change someone’s skin tone? Well, Virginia is the right person to ask. Virginia tells us how Chinese medicine can be used to treat both the underlying causes of the way someone is aging as well as the appearance of the face itself. This and more on this week episode of GCH!



• 1 whole chicken

• assortment of vegetables of your choice

• mix of spices of your choice

• chicken stock

Here’s what you do…

Pop a whole chicken into cold stock with vegetables and stock.

Bring to boil.

Turn off flame and leave for an hour. Freeze remaining stock and re-use


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