There’s No Such Thing As Leftover Food

Change Food Fest 2016, Reversing Bone Loss, and an Asian Spicy Kale Chip Recipe.

Did you know that JetBlue have an urban farm at Terminal 5 at JFK Airport in New York? It’s one of the things Jill found out from her first guest on this week’s episode of GCH. Diane Hatz founded a not-for-profit called Change Food to promote sustainable and humane food production. Jill and Diane talk about advances in food technology, the urban gardening movement and how to combat food wastage. All of that and more will be covered at the upcoming Change Food Fest in New York and Diane gives us a preview of the event. Then we join Jill in the kitchen with Marcey Brownstein who is making her version of kale chips, with spicy, Asian flavors. Finally Jill chats with Dr Laura Kelly about her new book on reversing bones loss through diet. Laura first researched osteoporosis to help her own mother and then decided to share her program with the world. Laura explains to Jill why certain countries have lower levels of osteoporosis and the foods we should eat to support our bones.


Jill is joined in the studio by Diane Hatz. Diane founded a not for profit called Change Food to look for creative solutions that help all of us to have sustainable healthy food. The folks at Change Food have a lot in common with us here at Grow Cook Heal in that we’re both advocates of animal welfare, sustainable farming, the reduction of food wastage, and the use of new technologies that benefit the food system. Diane is also the organizer of an event here in New York City on November 12th called the Change Food Fest.
Some extremely interesting speakers
will be in attendance and, in case you don’t find the time to make your way down there in person, you can live stream the whole event from their website. Diane gives us a preview of the kind of things that people will be talking about at the Change Food Fest.

kale chips



We head back to Marcey Brownstein’s
commercial kitchen in Manhattan. Marcey founded Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events, which is a business that cooks scrumptious food for some of the swankiest parties in New York City. Secretly though, Marcey’s real passion is eating from her vegetable garden. Marcey tells us how she uses everything in her garden “from shoot to root” and, like the people from Change Food, she is very concerned about food wastage. As we saw on Episode 42
she likes to come up with innovative ways to use the parts of plants that we often throw away and on this week’s show she’s sharing her recipe for kale chips.



Jill sits down with Dr. Laura Kelly to talk about her new book The Healthy Bones Nutrition Plan and Cookbook . Laura began her research on how to combat bone loss because she wanted to help her own mother and her research eventually developed into a program of eating which she is now sharing with the world. Laura gives us her favorite tips and recipes to help all of us maintain strong bones.



• 1 bunch torn kale leaves (stems removed)

• 2 tablespoons olive oil

• Salt

• 1 Tbs. any dry seasonings you like (I use Aleppo pepper, garlic powder and sesame seeds).


Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Toss kale in a bowl with olive oil and massage until all leaves have been covered with oil.

Toss in spices and mix to cover.

Arrange kale on two rimmed baking sheet.

Salt to your liking.

Bake, rotating trays once, until crisp, 12 to 15 minutes.


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