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Jill Blakeway

Like so many of you, I’m a juggler—a wife, mom, acupuncturist and energy healer, herbalist, author, teacher, and the host of CBS Radio’s “Grow. Cook. Heal.” With so many balls in the air, I often need to just get away, and this site is my respite. I consider it a home away from home, and I hope it will soon feel the same to you.

Here I’ll share the best of what I know, and continue to learn, about natural healing and vibrant living. We’ll talk about everything from how to grow and cook from a flourishing garden to how nature’s rhythms can nourish the mind, body, and spirit. We’ll explore what matters to a meaningful life, like awakening your intuition, letting go of perfectionism, opening your heart, and cultivating compassion. You’ll learn how to restore and regulate what Chinese medicine refers to as “QI”, the life-force energy that belongs to every one of us and to the universe, as well. It’s QI that allows our bodies and souls to thrive. I use various techniques to affect QI in my practice and will pass many of these on to you.

As the author of best-selling books Making Babies and Sex Again, I will continue to shed insight on what makes your body function at its best and most beautiful. This includes plenty of feel-good tips on my CBS podcast and radio show “Grow. Cook. Heal.” which I record year-round. On the show I ask people to share their healthy recipes and cook with me, I explore where our food comes from and I pick the brains of wellness experts to bring you the best advice.

But don’t let me do all the talking! Please be sure to reach out, whether it’s to become a patient at The YinOva Center, study Chinese medicine together, or share a family recipe or story that’s too good to keep to yourself. In other words, this site is where I hope you will come for information, a sense of connection, and a breath of fresh air. We’ll explore what it means to feel good and thrive in every corner of your life.

Yours in good health,  



growGrow a healing garden, buy locally grown produce and learn how to use plants as medicine.


cook Cook with the seasons and learn how to make meals that make you and your loved ones feel great.


healHeal your body using the rhythms of nature and gently open your heart and restore your spirit.

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